Full body training

EMS is a full body training using impulse current. EMS training can activate 90% of the body muscles simultaneously. This is achieved by applying EMS electrodes to the skin directly above the muscles. This innovative training leads to an additional increase of tension-producing highly effective training results. Your personal trainer can control each muscle group by adjusting the training intensity according to your individual goals. With EMS you achieve visible and tangible success in a very short time.

Weight Training

Compared to conventional weight training, EMS training activates deeper muscle groups, leading to better balance amongst the muscles in the body and increased core stability. This is a fitness concept that is targeted at anyone who is interested in staying fit, improving their body shape or relieving muscular aches, but doesn't have the time to spend hours exercising each week.

Fitness and Goals

Depending on your level of fitness and goals, your training session is either low impact (with basic exercises to awaken muscles) or highly intense, with strong contractions and dynamic exercises to activate deep muscle hypertrophy. Future Fit experienced trainers customize every program to suit their client, from heavy strength training to fat and cellulite reduction regimes.

Using Future Fit’s EMS

When you use Future Fit's EMS, you are getting a full body training. Arms, legs, abs, chest and even your buns will get a workout like never before and it is all thanks to electrical muscle stimulation. Gone are the days when you spend hours and hours in the gym to achieve only little results. Now you will get the body you have always dreamed of in as little as 20 minutes per week.

It Takes Only 20 Minutes To Get The Body Of Your Dreams