Body Shaping

This is a fitness concept that is targeted at anyone who is interested in staying fit, improving their body shape or relieving muscular aches, but doesn't have the time to spend hours exercising each week.

This revolutionary system is so effective that one 20 minute workout a week is enough. You will notice rapid improvements in all of your ‘problem’ areas, such as the waist, hips, stomach, bottom, chest, arms and legs.

Muscle Toning

Muscle toning is a direct result of more muscle and less fat. Since Future Fit EMS training can target and stimulate the deepest muscle fibers, sticking to EMS training will help you create results you have never had before. Arms, legs and abs will show beautiful definition.

Weight Loss & Fat Reduction

Since EMS training can activate all your muscles, it can effectively boost your metabolism. Therefore, the higher your metabolism is, the more fats you burn and the easier it will be for your body weight to be regulated and for you to sculpt your body.

Experience visible fat reduction and weight loss in just 20 minutes once a week!

No More Cellulite

EMS training is one of the most effective ways to reduce cellulite. Because the electrical pulse travels through the skin, it stimulates the release of collagen.

Collagen is responsible for cell renewal, skin elasticity and suppleness as well as firmness. Prevent Back Pain

Back Pain Reduction

Most of the back problems are related to weak muscles. Thus, we automatically tend to compensate our movement, or other muscles take over certain functions. With EMS training you specifically target problem areas and strengthen those hard to reach areas.

Muscles, therefore, get stronger, which can lead to the relief of back problems.

Gentle On Joints

Because there is no heavy lifting or jumping involved there is NO strain on joints and tendons. All the exercises are performed in a slow and controlled manner.

Weights are not necessary because the electrical pulses do the work for you.

Better Performance

EMS offers true benefits for the performance of your body and those in the physical training and rehabilitation fields.

Various studies proved that EMS device to improve performance, manage fatigue and pain, enhance recovery, improve sleep, and elevate mood.

Targeted Training to Reach your Fitness Goals

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