About Future Fit EMS training

with the latest German

technology in UAE

Future Fit is a high-end Fitness Studio that offers personalized EMS training with the latest German technology in UAE. Our certified trainers have years of experience in EMS training and fitness industry.

Our purpose is to help everyone change their quality of life by becoming fitter and healthier. We help to create a healthy lifestyle for everybody from busy businessmen to mothers, who want to retrieve their shape.

Moreover, Future Fit is a great opportunity for older people to have active and youthful retirement years in their future.

Our Mission & Vision

At the heart of our mission is our endeavor to help everybody change to develop a more active, healthier and health-conscious future. Our goal is to make the use of EMS training technology standard practice in sports centers and health clubs both in UAE and throughout the world.

We aim at demonstrating the benefits of EMS devices and technology to all age groups and participants in all sports, be it top-class athletes or busy business man wanting to keep fit.We offer an alternative option to those who strive for having an ideal body shape so that they can create a fitter and healthier future.

Why Future Fit

Personalized Full-Body Training
20-Minute Training Session per Week
Certified Personal Trainers
Effective & Fast Fitness Results
Effective & Fast Fitness Results
Healthy Nutrition Plan Tailored to Your Requirements
Fat Reduction & Muscle Definition
State-of-the-art Studios and World’s lates EMS Technology

EMS Experts Were Born Here!

Future Fit’s staff consists of professional personal trainers with years of experience in EMS Personal Training and Nutrition. Our staff will tailor a personalized training program as needed and will follow each person in order to ensure the achievement of their fitness, their own dream. Welcome to the “The Future Of Fitness”!

All trainers at Future Fit are experienced and qualified personal trainers, health professionals or sports scientists. The wide range of experience in our national trainer team is not just limited to EMS training − our personal trainers have professional background knowledge about fitness training and can advise you on training and nutrition-related questions.